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" is a great tool for finding unusual option activity, historical option data, and average trading volume." was reviewed in the June'09 issue of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan, the editor of the magazine

Options Activity Watch (Options Activity Snapshot)

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In our Daily Options Activity Watch we highlight some of the companies, indexes and ETFs with unusually high call (put) volume, high/low Put/Call ratio, 3 or 6 month record high volume of call (put) options, high options activity before an earnings announcement, high volume spreads, etc.
The CrimsonMind Options Activity Watch is posted to the web-site each trading day starting at 10:00am CST and is updated throughout the day. Generally, we do not comment if option activity was bullish, bearish, or whether options were sold or purchased. This site provides analysis of options volume and open interest data and does not make any recommendation regarding options trading.
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